BP 2 - Pack Replacement Nikon EN-EL12 Battery for Nikon Coolpix W300s, AW110, S6200, S6300, S8000, S8100, S8200, S9050, S9100, S9200, S9300, S9500

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Replacement Nikon  EN-EL12 Battery

Product Details:

2-EN-EL12 Replacement Battery

Compatible with:

Compatible Battery: Nikon EN-EL12 battery

Charger Compatible:Nikon MH-65

Compatible Camera Models:

Nikon AW100

Nikon AW100s

Nikon AW110

Nikon AW110s

Nikon AW120

Nikon AW120s

Nikon AW130

Nikon A900

Nikon W300

Nikon W300s

Nikon P300

Nikon P310

Nikon P330

Nikon P340

Nikon S31

Nikon S70

Nikon S610

Nikon S610c

Nikon S620

Nikon S630

Nikon S640

Nikon S800c

Nikon S1000pj

Nikon S1100pj

Nikon S1200pj

Nikon S6000

Nikon S6100

Nikon S6150

Nikon S6200

Nikon S6300

Nikon S8000

Nikon S8100

Nikon S8200

Nikon S9050

Nikon S9100

Nikon S9200

Nikon S9300

Nikon S9400

Nikon S9500

Nikon S9600

Nikon S9700

Nikon S9700s

Nikon S9900

Nikon KeyMission 360

Nikon KeyMission 170
  • Includes: 2 - EN-EL12 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery for Nikon Digital Camera
  • Fully compatible with Nikon Coolpix AW100, AW100s, AW110, AW110s, P300, P310, P330, S31, S70, S610, S620, S630, S640, S800c, S1000pj, S1100pj, S1200pj, S6000, S6100, S6150, S6200, S6300, S8000, S8100, S8200, S9050, S9100, S9200, S9300, S9400, S9500 digital cameras
  • These EN-EL12 Batteries are made from highest quality material and can be charged by your original charger
  • Battery Premium Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth - Safely Removes Fingerprints and Dust, Cleans Without Chemicals
  • Backed by 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarante