Lens Cap Bundle - 3 Snap-on Lens Covers for DSLR Cameras including Nikon, Canon, Sony - Lens Cap Keepers included - 30mm

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Lenses are valuable items and even a small scratch can mar them forever. Always protect your camera's lens with a lens cap! Keep a spare cap in your gear bag for the inevitable lost lens cap, too! Pinch the sides of the cap and snap it into place - it fits securely and your lenses are covered!

Fits many cameras: Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Sigma, Vivitar, and others!


2 - Cap keepers - sizes available : 30mm, 37mm, 43mm, 43.5mm, 46mm, 48mm. 49mm, 52mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm, 86mm

1- microfiber cloth

  • Protect your valuable lenses from scratches and dirt
  • Very handy item to keep in your gear bag - always have a spare!
  • Includes 2 - 86mm cap keepers, 1 microfiber cloth
  • 30 day guarantee
  • Pinch the sides of the cap and snap it into place. Includes lens cap leash to prevent losses.