Nissin Cup Noodles Soup Instant Cup 16 Count, 4 Hot & Spicy Chicken Bowl, 4 Chicken Cup, 4 Top Ramen Chicken Bowl, 4 Shrimp Soup Lunch / Dinner Variety, 4 Flavors

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No Added MSG and Vegetarian options! In response to our fans’ evolving diets, we’ve made some changes as well. We developed a recipe with no added MSG for many of our products—and noodle lovers enjoyed them as much as the original! In addition, you can find vegetarian options in most of our lines. Just look for the green “VEGETARIAN” leaf! Noodles for everyone! Our original classics, Cup Noodles and Top Ramen. Recent innovations like Cup Noodles Stir Fry and Top Ramen Bowls. Adventurous favorites including Hot & Spicy Bowls and Chow Mein. Japanese sensations like Cup Noodle Seafood and Curry flavors. Even our exquisite premium ramen, Nissin RAOH. Nissin makes noodles, flavors and fun for everyone.
  • Fast and tasty - Nissin Ramen makes a creative addition to any recipe. The possibilities are endless.
  • Includes 4 - 2.25 Nissin Instant Chicken Flavor cups and 4 Nissin Hot & Spicy Chicken Bowl Noodle Soup 3.4 OZ, 4 Top Ramen chicken Bowl and 4 Shrimp instant soup
  • Great As a hot snack or delicious meal- anytime, especially for college dorm rooms; after school snacks; college care packages.
  • COOKS IN 3 MINUTES: Cooking Directions: 1.) Boil 2 cups of water in a saucepan, add noodles and cook for 3 minutes stirring occasionally. 2.) Turn off heat, add contents of seasoning packet, stir well for 1 minute until seasoning is fully dissolved. Makes 2, 8 oz. servings. 3.) Product is very hot. Allow to cook, serve, and enjoy.