RCR Crystal Timeless Double Old Fashioned Tumbler Glasses - 360ml (12oz) - Set of 6

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6聽Water Glasses timeless 6聽Water Glass timelesspezzi/pcs for box: 6聽mm Height: 92聽Capacity 'cl: 36聽Capacity oz: 12,17la line RCR Timeless Style and it is the fashion for the table that never goes out of fashion a line characterized by deep linear cut: Timeless and' The timeless elegance. Traditional style and is the collection for furnishing and prestigious with a distinctive style. Manual style includes lines from the traditional and elegant taste and prestigious made lines with cuts and finishing. Style it is a structured and complete assortment for a demanding that consumer research the pleasure of everyday elegance. Luxion crystal the best without always piomboda therefore cutting-edge innovation, RCR has developed a in its laboratories the latest generation of LUXION Crystal Clear: The real lead free crystal, the best of the world brilliant, clear and safe for nature, Luxion Glass it is a friend: a material that accompanies every moment of everyday life, just as true friends. Safe and reliable, lets you enjoy all the features of the contents as it does not alter its taste and flavours in any way. The key characters of hydrolytic Luxion are the brilliance, transparency, the lavorabilita ', the resistance and the lavabilita' Dishwasher safe: Shine Luxion and 'The material piu brilliant sound in the panorama of glazing. The value of the refractive index of LUXION and is the most high compared to all the main competitors. Transparency Luxion is an ultraclear glass, Conforms to European ISO/Pas IWA 8: 2009, because it is meets with Larghissimo margin is the requisit

  • The glass Luxion is known for its brightness and higher resistance compared to other materials
  • Proof
  • Dishwasher safe